Amazon and Big Five Accused of Price Fixing Not Once, But Twice

With capitalism continuing to surge and tighten its hold on the market, price fixing is becoming an ever expanding issue. This happens when companies confer with each other about what prices should be, instead of coming to their own prices without comparing notes with the competition (in a bet to increase their own profits and… Read More

The Virtual Conference Era: the end of in-person events could boost diversity in publishing

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. publishing has lost two of its largest in-person events: BookExpo and BookCon. Occurring annually, these conventions offered a platform for publishing houses, agents, new and established authors, and fans to meet. Going forward, BookExpo and BookCon will likely be a mix of both virtual and in-person presentations.… Read More

Audible Captions: Is It More Harm Than Good?

When Audible first announced its Captions launch on July 15th, the new tool was presented with the notion of giving back to public education and improving children’s literacy. This announcement was followed up with an online presentation on July 31st, designed to put minds at ease that no, Audible was not out to harm sales… Read More