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The Comprehensive Edit

The all-in-one package.
Staring down at your first completed manuscript?
Have a first book in series that you’re working to self publish?
This will take you from start to finish.

The Comprehensive editing package is for anyone looking to make their first novel a fit-to-publish novel. Here, a member of our team will work with you on every stage of editing to take your book from rough draft to final proof. It includes:

Developmental editing

Line edits


You’ll notice that’s a lot of work. At the Quick Fox, we are not a “one and done” service. We work with you between stages.

During a Comprehensive edit, as with our other multi-stage packages, there is a “pass back” period. At the end of each stage of editing, the editor will return the manuscript to the author for you to approve or deny edits, as well as make any changes needed. We feel this maintains an author’s voice and writing style, which produces a better body of work. You can email us, Zoom chat us, or even call us if need be, to help iron out your book.

Clients are not required to provide editors with a style sheet–at the Quick Fox, we make the style sheet for you in the process.

Additional passes may be requested; each is provided at one sixth of the total Comprehensive editing package.

Cost: .024 per word.
Turnaround time: four weeks and up, depending on length of the manuscript.

All first time clients will receive a sample edit of the first five pages of their manuscript. This sample allows our clients to make sure the Quick Fox is the right fit for you.

The Quick Fox offers custom payment plans for every service we provide. You can break up the cost of your edit into smaller increments months ahead of time. We understand that publishing is a long term financial commitment, and are happy to work with you to make the cost of putting out your next book a little easier on your budget.

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