Amazon: the pros and cons of publishing through this megacorp today

Amazon’s growth in the book industry has publishers and writers facing more challenges than ever. While Kindle Publishing provides a simple enough format to upload books, this accessibility comes at a price. The publishing market has become stretched thin as each publisher vies for the biggest portion. Amazon itself is responsible for 70-80% of the… Read More

Vanity Publishing: What to avoid to stay safe and successful

There are no easy paths in publishing; writers who find themselves struggling on the traditional route can face equal or worse setbacks in their efforts to self-publish.  While agents and agencies have their biases (as we’ve discussed previously), vanity publishers operate heedless of prejudice to prey on struggling authors. Authors that have chosen to go… Read More

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Getting serious about self-publishing

Let’s get a few things straight here. Self Publishing is not: -easy -cheap -for people who can’t write Self Publishing is: -expensive -time consuming -for anyone who wants to run a small business Okay but why the Jaws analogy? Because self-publishing is a lot like fishing. Anyone can do the basics, but to be successful… Read More