To promote diversity in publishing by offering professional publication services for the LGBTQIA and neurodiverse community, from our team of LGBTQIA and neurodiverse publishing professionals.

Champions for LGBT+ diversity in writing

LGBTQIA representation in publishing means having visibly LGBT+ characters within a body of work. At the Quick Fox, we work to help writers create the best books possible by offering a safe space that is always inclusive and always ready to assist with LGBT+ books, no matter the genre. Whether you are writing an Own Voices novel or writing outside your element, the Quick Fox team will help you to insure proper LGBT+ representation.

Advocates for mental health awareness

Neurodiverse representation, also known as being neuroatypical, means the inclusion of mentally ill characters within a body of work. At the Quick Fox we are champions for neurodiverse characters which provide honest and genuine depictions of life as a neuroatypical person. Our goal is to assist writers in creating leading roles for neurodiverse characters whose lives are not defined by their mental illness. We want to see more books where a mental illness, much like being LGBTQIA, is simply a character aspect, rather than the plot of the entire story. Just as our team at the Quick Fox lives each day with our mental illnesses, we want to to see characters do the same. Whether you are writing from personal experience in mental illness or not, the Quick Fox will work with you insure that your story has proper representation across the spectrum of neurodiversity.

Personable and transparent

Quick Fox Editors is not an invisible entity; we are personable and we are here for you every step of the way. We do not simply work the edits and call it a day; we are here for the follow up and beyond. Our team works with you between stages of editing–this means we also allow our clients to approve and deny changes from one stage to the next, so you can keep what you like and discard what you don’t. In this way, we aim to instruct – creating better books, and helping authors become better writers in the process. That is why we offer editing packages with multiple rounds of edits for clients who need them. Our services are for writers at all stages of their career, so you can create a ready-to-publish manuscript without any hidden fees or ugly surprises. Our contract is able to be viewed on our Policy page. We encourage you to download it and compare it to other freelance editors, so you can make an informed decision for your next novel.

Sample edits, free of charge

Not every editor is right for every author. To make sure the team at the Quick Fox is the right fit for you, we offer a free sample edit of the first five pages of your project. This also helps your editor to gauge the level of work your project needs, for writers who are unsure which type of edits their manuscript requires. We encourage our clients to shop around and get sample edits from all editorial service providers they are interested in. That way, you can compare and find the right one for you.

Financing your way

We understand that the cost of publishing as an independent author is a steep one. To help indie authors better mitigate their bills, we offer custom payment plans which can begin months in advance to make financing your next book affordable for you. The Quick Fox is a member of the EFA and encourages all of our clients to always compare EFA rates and standards before booking with any editorial service.