Word Vagabond has been very busy these past few months. In addition to adding a second editor to the roster, we’ve been making strides to update our social media (did you guys know we have a tumblr? We do! Come get geeky with us), and are even looking into revamping our home page for improved navigation and a sleeker style that we believe everyone will approve of.

However, not all of these changes are so easily seen. For those who have booked our services in the recent weeks, you may have noticed an additional payment option as well the newly implemented late fee.

We understand that many of our clients don’t live in the same areas or the same time zones as we do (Suzanne in Massachusetts, and Alexis in Virginia). But all the same, we have to get your manuscripts to our inboxes in a timely manner in order to keep on our schedule, so you can stay on yours. The fee is very minimal, a mere $10, which only needs to be paid if a manuscript is submitted past noon on Eastern Standard Time the day your editing services are scheduled to begin. This insures that work gets done on time for both clients and staff alike.

In the past few months, Alexis and I have been utilizing a new method of payment which we greatly prefer, called Squarecash. Squarecash works a lot like Paypal, but without the fees or the downtime to deposit. This handy little app allows users to send money to anyone else on the app with an account via an instantaneous deposit. That means no waiting the usual 3-5 days for money to deposit into a bank account, and no fees being taken out during transfers. As always, you can continue to pay us through Paypal if you’re more comfortable, but we highly recommend Squarecash, both for our business and simply your own personal use. Instead of taking cash out to give your friend money for gas or pay them back for concert tickets, you could simply input their phone number or screen name into the app, and the money deposits instantly with the pleasant little sound of change dropping on a table.

The best part about new additions to Word Vagabond is more time spent helping writers like you succeed. As part of recent changes to the website, you can now anticipate weekly blog posts starting this weekend. Topics to look forward to include the benefits of beta reads, getting into Camp Nanowrimo, as well as a summer writing series that will teach you how to write your best sex scenes yet.

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