All stories welcome

At the Quick Fox, we have no qualms about editing the weird, the horrifying, or the grotesque. This is because we have a great editing duo here who are able to handle what the other cannot. Rape scenes, graphic violence,  and erotica are all acceptable here.

There are no minimums at the Quick Fox: we handle short stories and flash fiction, as well as full length novels, non-fiction, and even business articles. We also offer UK edits and fact-checking.

No bots allowed

No AI drafted manuscripts of any length or genre will be accepted. We are proud supporters of author’s rights, and that includes the right to fair pay for their work free of automated writing. All submissions from new clients will be inspected for AI writing, and clients who are found utilizing AI services for drafting at any level will be denied services. No clients manuscript will ever be submitted to an AI, and all client files are protected from such attacks to insure the safety of your work.

We are a team

As we offer a great many services, it is not possible to request one team member for everything. Marketing (service packages forthcoming), and formatting services are all handled by Suzanne. Editing services are handled by Alexis and Suzanne both; clients are welcome to request a specific editor through our Contact page.

Client rights

As our client, you are our number one priority. We do not share information on clients or their manuscripts, unless permission is explicitly given for the purposes of education or speaking events. We never share details about our client’s manuscripts with anyone outside of the Quick Fox team. Clients are also entitled to their full royalties. We charge only the flat fees stated for our services. Once the work is complete, all monies gained in publication are the right of the author and any publishing contract they enter within. Clients also have the right to cancel or reschedule if needed, with late fees and payments outlined in our contract.


The Quick Fox accepts Paypal, Squarecash, Venmo, check, bank account transfer, or money order. All clients will receive an official invoice for their records. Custom payment plans are available to assist clients with financing their publishing endeavors.

Editor rights

As your editor, we reserve the right to be paid on time as per the agreed upon payment schedule. We also maintain the right to charge a late fee for any manuscript passed in past the agreed upon date and time (for details see our contract). In case of medical or family emergency, the editor also reserves the right to cancel or ask for a deadline extension.

We encourage all of our clients to research their freelancers thoroughly. That’s why we offer a sample of our service contract, available to view and download below. Official contracts include detailed services, customized to your booking.