“Suzanne is the third editor I have worked with and easily the best! They made 7,054 changes to my 123K word novel Veiled in Shadows when I requested a reedit for a second edition. Barring a dozen marked up changes or so I accepted them all. A clear indication of Suzanne’s professionalism and thoroughness.

They corrected my abysmal punctuation, rewrote sentences and paragraphs to improve flow, and suggested substitutions to improve expression. All of this while preserving my voice and the quirks of my characters. The few changes I rejected were cheats on my part as most of them were where Suzanne had suggested a synonym and I selected another.

Suzanne also has an eye for consistency and historical settings making suggestions such as I needed to check that Swiss banks would really have used US dollars for exchanges in the 1940s.

I have found working with Suzanne excellent and will definitely be asking them to contribute to my second and third novels in the near future.”